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Drumming On The Guitar

Here’s a bunch of guitarists that turn their guitars into percussion instruments – while still playing chords and melodies. First US busker Reginald Guillaume aka Guitaro 5000 showing you how to play Michael Jackson‘s Billy Jean with a can of tuna … Continue reading

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World Jam

Here’s a nice track played by people all over the world jamming for peace. Who says the internet is bad?

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Mike Dawes Does The Impossible

Here’s some amazing two handed tapping type guitar from UK musician Mike Dawes. The track, appropriately enough is called “The Impossible”

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There’s A Llama Where????

  Here’s a link to a song by FAWMstar TV’s Kyle that really popular with some of my pupils. The chorus riff is as sticky as glue. (right click here to download the song) I was heading down the stairs … Continue reading

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Steve Vai On His Career And Guitars

Some interesting background on how to ‘make it’ in the music biz and some amazing up close views of a master guitarist at work…

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10 People – 2 Guitars

By now I’m sure you’re all familiar with Walk Off The Earth‘s five person cover of Gotye‘s Somebody That I Used To Know (122 million views and counting!)…  But here’s a video that explains how they got the idea to … Continue reading

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Too Much Monkey Business – Practice Advice From Chimps

It’s not everyday a bunch of monkeys gives support to one of you ‘pet’ teaching theories but here it is. Anytime you’re trying to learn something new musically you’re only truly practicing when you’re doing it correctly. If you’re getting … Continue reading

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This is so wrong #1

As much as I love multicultural musical cross-pollination, sometimes it’s just WRONG

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