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Teaching Music Is More Important Than Teaching Math(s)

Welcome to Soapbox – a series of short posts where I put forward a unusual argument about music, education, musical education (maybe even educational music?). Each post is a single bite and is not intended to cover every possible point … Continue reading

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Why Guitar Lessons Are More Important Than Any Other Lessons

There are lots of things you can do to make you smarter but music is the only thing that will make your corpus callosum thicker. The corpus callosum is the wiring system between the two halves of your brain. So … Continue reading

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The 2015 String Learning Speed Championship Thing

This term I’ve been teaching all my pupils the notes on the guitar up to the 12th fret. Big congrats to anyone who managed to learn the WHOLE GUITAR. Here’s the fastest 3 peeps for the whole guitar and the … Continue reading

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Kids, Eh?

Had a touching moment today. Went back to teaching as we had a christmas concert to rehearse for, but after a little while my voice started to give out (due to Wednesday’s accident). And one by one these little kids … Continue reading

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Three Things Every Musician Should Be

A big welcome if you’re visiting from CD Baby – you probably want to jump straight to the application, right?… I’m a guitar teacher by trade. Sure I write songs and perform, but if you met me at a party … Continue reading

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Day 145: More Kids Than You Can Shake A Stick At

Lady Gaga attempts to eggscape from marauding pre-teen fans Today I’ve been spending some much needed Kwal-Al-Tee time with my GLW (good lady wife). Then teaching kids. Teaching adults. Then doing a school gig. Traditionally no matter how many kids … Continue reading

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A Week In The Life

Quote of the week. Teaching guitar to a class full of kids ME :“what should you do when you can’t play something properly?”Kids: “Mime”Me: “No. What should you do?”Kids: “Give up” The correct answer, in case you’re wondering, was “practice”. … Continue reading

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Too Much Monkey Business – Practice Advice From Chimps

It’s not everyday a bunch of monkeys gives support to one of you ‘pet’ teaching theories but here it is. Anytime you’re trying to learn something new musically you’re only truly practicing when you’re doing it correctly. If you’re getting … Continue reading

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