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You Need Deadlines (Slight Return)

  My recent Ben Folds post got me thinking about how helpful deadlines really are to the songwriter. Q: Do you sit down to write or do you have to get struck by [inspiration]? Ben Folds: I have to get struck … Continue reading

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What Is Wrong With Praise And Worship Music?

Tom Waits vs Your Worship Team Tom Waits has described his music as “Beautiful melodies telling you terrible things” (if you want to put some flesh on those descriptive bones check out Poor Edward, No One Knows I’m Gone or Dead and … Continue reading

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We Will Not Reach The Lost If We Have Normal Hair

This made me laugh out loud several times – “You need to worship like Adam Clayton” Thanks to Mark Graham – an awesome bass player who ALWAYS plays 8th notes while looking worshipful. Download all my 2011 songs for free!!!Related … Continue reading

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Spirit Led Worship (Reloaded)

Newfrontiers blogger Gareth McNab at Amos5 is doing me the very great honour of blogging through each of my 12 ways to increase congregational participation and adding his own observations and application based on 9 years of leading. He’s raised … Continue reading

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New Songs, Dad Songs & Don’t Make Me Laugh Songs

I’ve been aware for a long time that bands get bored of a song just as the congregation is getting into it, but now Jamie Brown has done the math. Check it out, especially if you suffer from NSEW (new … Continue reading

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The Saviour of Christian Music is Not a White Guy With a Guitar…

It’s a Black Man on a Mic. At first I thought it was merely a result of my ineptitude as a blogger.  I mean when you’ve giving away one of the best albums of the year and you’re struggling to … Continue reading

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The Answer Is Always Yes

You have you’re Sunday morning set list nailed down and perfect. You may have even rehearsed it. Then your Pastor informs you that you need to cut a song. What do you do? Jamie Brown has a great post on … Continue reading

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Homesickness, Criticism & Fighting

No it’s not a report from the Together for the Gospel conference*, just 3 posts you might find helpful! Dave Trout of (Radar Radio fame) has some good counsel for touring musicians Jamie Brown is a font of worship leading … Continue reading

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Should We Pursue Excellence In Musical Outreach?

Updated 23/03/10 Here’s the scenario. You live in a hip city, a bustling metropolis if you will. You are reaching out with the gospel to cultured people, artistically and aesthetically switched on. They’re not just urban they’re urbane. So what … Continue reading

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Stop Singing, Start Worshipping And Get On That Treadmill!

Want to know how to work out whether a band is christian or not? Josh Harris (via Sound Doxology) is happy to help. (click to enlarge). Are you a leader who needs to get back to the heart of worship? … Continue reading

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