What I’m Doing Now

I’ve just released my first solo album (featuring voice and baritone guitar) produced by Daniel Wright of The Most Ugly Child.

The first single, Refugee With An iPhone is available here

I’m training for the Snowdonia Maverick X-Series Race.

I’m using the ‘Kon Mari’ method to streamline my life and possessions.

I’m teaching guitar, rock band and mentoring singer/songwriters in the Nottinghamshire area.

And some things I’m not doing.

I’m on a break from writing and recording new music, recharging my batteries by learning any covers that take my fancy.

I’m also currently taking a break from blogging my way through the entire Beatles catalogue at Beatles Songwriting Academy.

I’ve handed over leadership of  the monthly ‘bring and share’ First Tuesday Songwriters Group to Daudi Matsiko.

I’ve quit Facebook.

I’m attempting a year long ‘fast’ from new media* so I can treasure all the cool stuff I already have. (*i.e. no new books, films, TV shows, albums or podcasts for 2019). You can read about my progress here.

Currently (re) enjoying:

Book – The Orchard Keeper (Cormac McCarthy)
Music – Hello Nasty (Beastie Boys)
Film – Hot Fuzz


Toast – Gerry’s Coffee Shop, Dublin
Ultra Runners – Courtney Dauwalter, Jim Walmsley, Karl Meltzer
Vampire Book – Dracula (Bram Stoker)

[Updated Sep 2019]

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