A Jolly Little Tune…

Here’s a misanthropic anthem (‘Mis-anthem-ropic’?) called I Hate The World from some of my pupils at Fernwood Junior School. You can find it (and all my other songs written with crazy young critters) on the Pupils Songs page or there’s a direct link here.

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Stone Soup For Ghosts

Songwriting is the very definition of optimism. A songwriter attempts to makes stone soup with the help of ghosts and fairies. A fisherman heads out hoping he’ll find a fish but a songwriter doesn’t even know if he’ll find a river to throw his line into.

We are people who carve sculptures out of air.

MattBlick 21/02/19

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Fifty Five Stories Down – out now!

Available now on Bandcamp

Nine original songs, plus covers of The Most Ugly Child, k.s. Rhoads and Karyn Ellis, in the rawest of settings – sung live in an abandoned Police Station with only a baritone electric guitar for accompaniment. Songs that are personal and political, intimate and irreverent, boneheaded and beautifully-crafted sit side by side, forming a unique musical narrative.

Comes with liner notes and chord sheets pdf.

Produced: Daniel Wright
Photograph: Ralph Barklam
Design: Michael Wong

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It’s Not About Gun Control & Immigration: Why CD Baby Is Refusing To Distribute My Album (and why I’m quitting Facebook)

Preparing music for digital distribution is one long succession of emails and error messages: “your artwork is in the wrong format”, “WAV files must be 16-bit”, “you need to add publisher info.” But you don’t expect to be told “you must change the titles of tracks 1 and 13.” What?

CD Baby are refusing to distribute my new album Fifty Five Stories Down unless I rename John Lennon Blues and Refugee With An iPhone because “digital partners (Spotify, Apple Music etc) won’t accept songs with celebrities or brands in the title.”

That’s heartbreaking news for a songwriter but it sounds plausible. Until you check out those digital partners. Spotify currently has over 120 songs (playlist here) with titles like

  • I Killed John Lennon
  • You Think You’re (John F**king Lennon)
  • iPhone Therefore I Am
  • Got My Mac On With An iPhone 3G

Big Men In Tights, Sex Clark Five and KC Rebell (ft. Moe) all got their songs through somehow. I mean, who the heck put ‘Shaving John Lennon’ on Spotify and Apple Music?

CD Baby did – that’s who.

Am I being singled-out? Most of my songs are personal, humorous or humorously personal. But three are political and two of those were flagged. ‘John Lennon’ is pro-gun control and ‘Refugee’ is pro-immigration. Is CD Baby engaging in right-wing political censorship?

Honestly? I don’t think so. So how should I respond? And what’s Facebook got to do with this?

As an independent musician who promotes his music by telling his story, conflict sells. What would get me the most clicks? “CD Baby refuses to release my gun control song!” But I’m not gonna do it, cos I don’t believe it’s true.

I think the truth is ‘Big Dumb Company refuses to ask other Big Dumb Company to do something in case third Big Dumb Company sues second Big Dumb Company’. Which, as a narrative, has a lot less juice. Especially on Facebook.

Mayor Zuckerberg loves it when all us little zuckers get angry, pick fights and square off into opposing teams. Because Facebook can make lots of money targeting ads, selling red hats to one team and blue hats to the other. It’s much harder to make a sales pitch when interrupting a friendly, nuanced discussion.

In the last year I’ve noticed I’m becoming more angry, more reactive and more intolerant as I spend more time online, to say nothing of how my everyday narcissism is growing fat on likes and shares. I don’t want to be that guy.

So one week after my album launch I’m quitting Facebook completely. As an individual AND an artist. I’m deleting everything, so even if I ‘come to my senses’ I’ll have to start from scratch with a new URL. I wonder if ‘career-suicide music’ is taken?

I love the stories of artists of old –standing up to all-powerful record companies or radio stations, wealthy patrons or the PMRC, refusing to compromise, even though they had so much to lose. When did music stop being something worth fighting for? I’d rather risk no audience and no online presence than be moulded into something I don’t want to be. So I’m leaving Facebook and I’m not going to destroy CD Baby’s reputation for some cheap publicity.

And I’m not going to rename my songs.

Fifty Five Stories Down is out Feb 1st on Bandcamp.

If you’d like to be informed when it’s out everywhere (or just want to stay in touch) sign up to my mailing list right here.

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I’m Leaving Facebook

I’m leaving Facebook on Feb 7th


Yep – for reals. I won’t be setting it to private or anything like that. I’ll be deleting my personal profile, my artist page and the FB groups I set up for Beatles Songwriting Academy and First Tuesday Songwriter’s Group. Totally gone.


I’ve just have a growing conviction that FB is making the world a worse place and I don’t want to be a part of that process anymore. Trump, Brexit, Rohingya, Cambridge Analytica was made possible in part because our data is making money for Facebook, and the more angry and polarized we become the more valuable we are to advertisers.

And even if that’s impossible to prove or quantify – FB is making ME a more angry and reactive person for all the narcissistic-dopamine-junkie reasons you’d expect.

Most of all as I’ve thought about quitting FB, the FEAR I feel about how I could exist (as a person and a musician in 2019) without FB is the deciding factor. If I can’t live a meaningful life without social media then I’m probably already screwed.


Cos I want to stay in touch, you big dummy.

  • Drop me a line: matt@mattblick.com
  • Leave me a comment below
  • First Tuesday members? Sign up the the mailing list that I’ll be sending round and make sure I have your phone number.
  • FAWMers? I’ll see you over there.
  • Follow me on twitter. (You might find me in other places but I’m not really active so there’s not a lot of point).


Whenever I’ve tried to change my lifestyle, moderation hasn’t worked for me. So all in it is. I’m not saying FB is MORE evil than social media/the internet/modern technology or PEOPLE. It’s just I can’t live without Facebook. So I need to try. Maybe I’ll rejoin in a year. Maybe I’ll delete my entire online presence. Maybe I’ll live in a potting shed on the Isle of Arran. Who knows? Maybe I’ll have a lovely life where I go round telling people the things I ‘like’ about them to their faces. Anyway, thanks for listening – I’m here for a few more weeks.

Love you all!

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