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Let’s Build An Airport

We’re rootless and artless and freer than birds A left-field love song. Theremins and Spitfires, airports and abattoirs… Download     Chords (pdf)     Lyrics (pdf)     Free mp3 Let’s build an airport and let’s fly away If we put … Continue reading

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Still Standing (Trees)

  Walking in the woods I spoke aloud my deepest hopes and dreams The marks I’d make on history The great things I’d achieve When from above I heard the leaves Their laughter borne upon the breeze The mocking trees fell quiet, … Continue reading

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Never Be Silent

You didn’t save me   You didn’t save me so that I could keep my mouth shut 12 voices, piano, cello and cymbala with just a smidgeon of programmed percussion. Influenced by Bulgarian choir music, Never Be Silent is probably my … Continue reading

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Faithful And True

Help us remember, you never forget The promises made to your children Here’s a new song folks, fresh out the box! Faithful And True is celebration of God’s faithfulness with a big chorus and a bluesy feel. It might work … Continue reading

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The Facial Hair/Creativity Ratio Theorem (aka The Beard Song)

My latest song is a very silly and tongue in cheek (tongue in beard? No that sounds gross) exploration of the link between creativity and varying amounts of facial hair. I’m still learning on the iMovie and still without proper … Continue reading

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Fat Flish

Here’s my first real post FAWM song and my first attempt at iMovieing. I often misread books at storytime for comic effect. “Reading it funny” is a big hit my two youngest kids Harpo & Zeppo. Fat Flish was an improvised song … Continue reading

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If You’re Here This Morning

Are you a fan of the notices (announcements) in your church? Every Church develops it’s own catchphrases, buzz words & jargon and my Church is no different. So for my first FAWM song I gathered some of the Grace Church … Continue reading

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