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Day 263: The Illuminati Ate My Homework

Really enjoyed this article/video on the making of Bohemian Rhapsody. Also enjoyed this video slightly more than Queen’s original vid. The great thing about 50/90 and FAWM is coming across musicians creating great stuff. Here’s two very different tracks from … Continue reading

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Day 255: Who Was That Masked Man? (Ah, Who Cares)

Eleven Sweets is finished – here it is – Eleven Sweets mp3 My unfinished rap funk metal thing got featured on the 50/90 podcast. Here that is – 50/90 Podcast #6 Just watched Rainn Wilson in Super. It wasn’t. Started … Continue reading

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Day 226: My Exquisite Corpse

I’m still doing way too much multitasking. I’ve interrupted the rerecording and mixing of Let’s Build An Airport to contribute my portion of an exquisite corpse that we’ve got going on the 50/90 site. “What’s an exquisite corpse?” I hear … Continue reading

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Day 212: I Came To Surf

At last I’ve made a start on 50/90! I’ve posted 2 songs – I Came To Surf which I wrote on Friday and recorded on Saturday. I’m not sure about the tone of the lyrics whether I crossed the line of … Continue reading

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Day 210: Let’s Go Surfing Now

Yesterday I didn’t have enough time to finish off Never Be Silent so I started a new song. It’s called 3/Smack Em In The Teeth. Bear with me. Reading through the Psalms recently I’ve been struck by the giant gulf … Continue reading

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Building A Fence

Nicholas Tozier flagged up a phrase I’d used in a recent post where I’d said I needed to build a fence around my songwriting during 50/90 to stop it taking over the rest of my life. He asked if I’d say … Continue reading

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