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Joanne’s Difficult Decision

In 1954 Joanne Schieble was pregnant, unmarried, university student. She faced the difficult decision whether to keep the baby, give it up for adoption or have an abortion. She had no way of knowing how things her life or her … Continue reading

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Paula Carragher’s Brave Decision

In 1977 Paula Carragher was given some heartbreaking news. After having already suffered two miscarriages she was told that the unborn child she was now carrying had Spina Bifida, a serious birth defect of the spinal cord. The doctors asked … Continue reading

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One Three Nine

One Three Nine is in many ways the most unusual song I’ve posted here. It’s a pro-life song, the music is from a classical piece by Grieg called Aase’s Death, it’s my first song with no guitar and the lyrics … Continue reading

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Salt Water

Salt Wateris the third of four pro-life songs I’m posting through February and March.Download the free mp3 Free chord sheet Behind the song post All the light, All the light that I can see I can see through you. When … Continue reading

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Your Difficult Decision

Your Difficult Decision is the second of 4 songs I’ll be posting through Feb and Mar with a Pro-life theme. This song tries to capture the sad reality that the decision to abort a baby is often made with little … Continue reading

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First Black President

First Black President is quite a departure from any songs I’ve written before and certainly any songs I’ve posted on this site. It’s not a ‘church’ song, it’s not even really aimed at a Christian audience, though it is still … Continue reading

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