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What I Learned About Songwriting From A Crazy Guy In Liverpool

When a crazy guy start ranting about war during a family holiday I never expected to learn a lesson about songwriting. But sometimes life hands you valuable insights in weird packages. Read all about what the guy taught me and … Continue reading

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Newfrontiers Underground Is Up!

Underground up? Does that even make sense? The Newfrontiers songwriters page is now up. Click here if you missed what it’s all about. As my buddy Al Metcalfe predicted for every one person that signed up there are 100 that … Continue reading

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Sing A New(frontiers) Song

Al Metcalfe has got my back! Just a few short hours ago he jumped into the ring and started wafting a virtual towel in my face called ‘Most worship teams are cover bands‘. The post is a clarion call for … Continue reading

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Don’t Write A Rule Book

Sometimes Worship leaders try to avoid confrontation by, well, avoiding confrontation. You can see that played out in lots of ways but it’s always bad news. Al Metcalfe has a good post on fixing problems by relationship rather than rules … Continue reading

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Tuesday News & Links

A bumper week for links n’ things! Sovereign Grace go crazy, Tim Keller gets wise & the best female vocalist on the planet is back (recording – not ‘back on the planet’). We’ve got a conference, a magazine,  a shopping list … Continue reading

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Eglon & Ehud Go Live, Beatles Blog & More Downloads

Following on from my post on where worship should start Al Metcalfe shares his reflections on his Church in Manchester having the preaching first.  Meet The Beatles A couple of weeks ago I started (The) Blog After 909 – it’s … Continue reading

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‘Charismatic Flavoured Worship’

Today marks another little baby step in my ‘career’ as a blogger – my first guest post! If you head over to Al Metcalfe‘s blog  you’ll find my piece entitled ‘Charismatic flavoured Worship’ where I put charismatic worship up against … Continue reading

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Thank You

Al Metcalfe has a timely reminder about two powerful little words every leader should use after a meeting. One of the groups of people on his helpful checklist is… “people who brought significant contributions such as prophetic words, scriptures or … Continue reading

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Recommended Sovereign Grace Songs

My friend in Manchester Al Metcalfe asked for recommended Sovereign Grace songs… I really believe that there is no church group writing more high quality congregation songs around today. Last summer I spent hours playing through various worship CDs collecting … Continue reading

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