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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

…but you will be able to download it from the iTunes store. Musicians at large are totally locked into the Apple ecosystem (me too). Watching the CompassionArt DVD a while ago really brought it home. The sad thing is this … Continue reading

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No Future For Dinosaurs

When I was a kid the music business was really simple. Labels discovered artists, artist made music, shops sold music, we bought music. Things have gotten complicated in the last 15 years and if you’d like to get a handle … Continue reading

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Rotten Apples?

Apple doing something less than perfectly? Surely not! Well, it looks like even Apple believe the “Macs never get viruses” hype and have been getting a little sloppy with their security. Forbes.com has the details. Related Post: Copyright mythbustingVery Tenuously … Continue reading

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The Album Is Dead

…at least in the form we know it. Music sales have declined massively over the last eight years, and though the record industry would have us believe that illegal downloading is largely to blame, I think a big factor is … Continue reading

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