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My Ride (An Open Letter To NCT) – Annotated Lyrics

Here’s a new song written during FAWM 2016. Consider it a love letter to Nottingham and it’s excellent public transport system. As a family we’ve managed without a car for 10 years now which would only be possible in a … Continue reading

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Rick Rubin on Songoverwriting and Underproduction

Rick Rubin gave a brilliant interview to Andrew Romano’s in the The Daily Beast. Here’s some excerpts on songwriting and producing I’d say [to Kanye] “This song is not so good. Should I start messing with it?” And he’d say, “Yes, but … Continue reading

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Top 10 Music Releases of 2012

Here’s the music that’s rocked my world in 2012* 1) Perfect Wreck (EP) (2012) – Mountain Schmountain 2) Ghosts Upon The Earth (2011) – Gungor 3) I Done A Album (2011) – Beardyman 4) To The Five Boroughs (2004) – … Continue reading

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The Intergalactic Wizard

Photo: Steve Burns For my 46th song project I got distracted from the mashup idea that was distracting me from the song I was writing while I should have been writing another song. I ended up working on a mashup of … Continue reading

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How Do They Do That?

Ever wanted to see what a DJ does up close and personal? Weeeeell…what Beastie Boys collaborator Mix Master Mike does is absolutely nothing for the first 1:48 but thereafter is amazing. Check it out! Related Posts: You can’t beat this … Continue reading

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You can’t beat this rap…

(Do you see what I did there…?) If rap is your thing and you can stand to tear yourself away from Tedashii’s new album for a few minutes, here’s a few more beats for treats. Lyrycyst may have the worst … Continue reading

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