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New Song: John Lennon Blues

Pray for a man to put the ‘fist’ in ‘pacifist’ The good die young. Or they just die. Download     mp3 demo I’ve never really written a 12 bar blues I was happy with but John Lennon Blues is … Continue reading

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Djimi Traore

He raised a half-full glass, a ghost of football past A football hymn mp3 demo     Chords (pdf)     Lyrics (pdf)     Behind The Song     Lyric Video No one ever sang before the Beatles Since the Beatles came … Continue reading

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Horribly DeFAWMed (Slight Return)

Here’s 4 songs plus interviews from Sea Monster Eyes – a great band (featuring 3 former pupils) who have grown into amazing prolific songwriters FAWM Report Yesterday I finished FAWM 2014. Well actually I finished this morning at 2:25. Given the level of illness, … Continue reading

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Lennon’s Ladies

  Been hard at work writing new songs, rerecording old ones and just generally making music, but here’s a very Beatles inspired collaboration with Scotland’s Stuart Kidd from last Feb’s FAWM called Sadie’s Sister. And if you’re into Lennon style … Continue reading

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Sadie’s Sister

She won’t compare me to a pebble in her shoe Matt & Stuart Kidd try on John Lennon’s white suit Download     mp3 Sadie’s sister doesn’t love anyone But I could be in love with her I don’t want … Continue reading

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A Classic Song Finishing Tool – The ‘To Do’ List

In the realm of personal management it doesn’t get any more basic than the humble to-do list. But for me this little fella has made all the difference between a song getting lost in development hell and actually making it … Continue reading

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