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Top 10 Albums of 2013*

1) The Wilderness – ks Rhoads There’s nothing lower case about ks’s (?) epic soundscapes. His debut album also contains some great tracks (Dark Hotel for one) but The Wilderness has been stuck on my mp3 player ALL YEAR LONG. … Continue reading

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You Need Deadlines (Slight Return)

  My recent Ben Folds post got me thinking about how helpful deadlines really are to the songwriter. Q: Do you sit down to write or do you have to get struck by [inspiration]? Ben Folds: I have to get struck … Continue reading

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Ben Folds: You Need Deadlines

Ben Folds is a clever and original songwriter and I’d recommend you download the interview he did with The Nerdist podcast. He has some interesting comments on the old inspiration vs perspiration debate (around the 29:45 mark). Q: Do you … Continue reading

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