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You Need Deadlines (Slight Return)

  My recent Ben Folds post got me thinking about how helpful deadlines really are to the songwriter. Q: Do you sit down to write or do you have to get struck by [inspiration]? Ben Folds: I have to get struck … Continue reading

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Day 328: The Other Way Of Writing

So here’s the thing. I’m working on Silver aka Judas’ Song aka Better For Me and I’m still working off a page that I typed out in 2005, annotated with a million different scribbles from the last 6 years (sorry … Continue reading

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Brenton Brown’s Oldest New Song

Brenton Brown has co-written with some greats – Paul Baloche, Brian Doerksen, Justin Bieber (OK made that one up) but now he’s hitting up Beethoven for melodies. Check Out Joyful by Brenton, Jason, Henry and Ludwig Brenton’s post here Chord … Continue reading

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Leading, Ranting & Haikus. OK?

Here’s a few posts worth taking a look at Brenton Brown gives some Tips For Starting Out Leading Worship in Small Groups  Jeremy Pierce has a very clever rant about worship songs. make sure you follow the links! Nicholas Tozier‘s … Continue reading

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C.S. Lewis In A Dress

I got a lot of time for Vicky Beeching. She’s one of the more careful lyricists, she rocks out on her Les Paul, and writes good tunes. But in all her latest press she’s being touted as ‘Oxford Theologian’ Vicky … Continue reading

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2 Amazing Gods! Brenton, Webb, Driscoll & Beautiful Republic Free Downloads

Today’s Free Stuff – 3 songs, 1 album and an audio book, but you gotta be quick! You have about 24 hours to download Derek Webb‘s Stockolm Syndrome album for FREE from Noisetrade.com OK now you have about 3 days … Continue reading

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News & Links: Brenton’s New Album, Pedals, Piper & Tweet

Brenton Brown has retooled his great album Because Of Your Love, ditched a few tracks, added some, rerecorded one and hey presto! we have Adoration. Highly recommended. As a worship leader I’d happily buy an album if it had ONE … Continue reading

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Behind The Song: We Need You (No Other God) – Brenton Brown

“We need You” was written by Brenton Brown We need you, how we need youWe need you every hourTo see You in Your gloryTo know Your Spirit’s powerThere’s healing in Your presenceThere’s mercy where You areSo meet us wont You … Continue reading

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Brenton Brown’s Amazing Free Downloads

Yowzah, yowzah!   Brenton Brown is one of the best worship songwriters on the planet at the moment and Amazing God is one of his best songs. We’ve been singing it for ages at Grace Church Nottingham and now you … Continue reading

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Multicultural Worship: From Cape Town To Brazil (Via Cambridge)

If you ever needed proof that the planet is becoming a global village here’s a song by Brenton Brown (a South African) written while he was part of a church in Cambridge UK, translated into Portuguese, performed by Brazilians, in … Continue reading

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