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During FAWM my guitar pupil Harry (10) came up with a pretty complete Iron Maiden style song that just needed me to put chords to. I got the Fernwood Rock band to record it and then asked if anyone on … Continue reading

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How Do You Play A Guitar With More Than One Neck?

Someone at school was asking me this today. Here’s how – courtesy of Steve Vai He gets a little help from band member Dave Weiner at 8:56. Steve’s whole band is used to helping each other though. Check this video … Continue reading

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Steve Vai On Touring

Steve Vai with some very honest thoughts about life on tour and tips for selecting band members… Download all my 2011 songs for free!!!Other free songs by Matt Blick[If you’re subscribed to this blog via email, you will have to … Continue reading

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Mums Who Rock. (Or Not)

What if your Mum was better than you on guitar? Way better. (Update – Except Ronnie is a guy. I know I can’t criticise having played in Motley Crue cover band in the late 80’s but Ronnie! – axe the … Continue reading

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You Have Nothing To Lose But Your Cay-Pos

Jamie Brown has posted and excellent video about using a capo in keys you wouldn’t normally think of. Go watch it now!!! …but…as this is the Internet allow me a little rant. I know England and America are two nations … Continue reading

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Paul Baloche – 2 Modern Classics

Paul Baloche is very generous both with his gifting and his videos! These songs, What Can I Do?  & Your Name  have been major blessings at my home church. They might be in your Church too! Related Posts: You Gave … Continue reading

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Rodrigo y Gabriela Free Download

Mexican guitar monsters Rodrigo y Gabriela have a new album, 11:11, out now. And they’re giving away a free download on 7Digital in the UK (where the album is also at a discount price). The Spotify blog saw it firstRelated … Continue reading

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Ladies and Gentlemen – John Pointer!

Here’s the truly amazing John Pointer, Texas based multi-instrumentalist, producer, arranger, composer and actor. Watch him doing alone what it took 4 members of Led Zeppelin to do, armed only with a guitar, delay pedal, flight case and healthy set … Continue reading

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Loud, Louder, Loudest

Rock music documentaries seems to be the cinematic soup du jour at the moment (ain’t I talkin’ fancy!) First up here’s one I really enjoyed Iron Maiden: Flight 666. I was impressed by the genuine camaraderie show by the band, … Continue reading

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Lincoln Brewster Free Download

Today is the day for a free Lincoln Brewster download!It’s a prime slice of breezy feelgood stadium rock worship, 3 parts Bryan Adams, 1 part AC/DC, with a ripping guitar solo to boot. And if that’s not enough, how about … Continue reading

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