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Let’s Build An Airport – The Demos

Last chance for demos! I’m getting very close to releasing my EP Let’s Build An Airport. The single will be available from Feb 14th and the EP goes on sale on Mar 18th. At the moment you can hear demos … Continue reading

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Studio Diary #7

Here’s another behind the scene studio diary. Except this one was in a house. When I told them I was going to put a sousaphone on a hard rock ballad they sad I was mad. But now? They know I’m … Continue reading

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Can I Be Honest?

  David and Jesus and I make three Singing “Oh my God, why have you forsaken me’ They got happy endings as you might expect But I’m stuck here between the now and the not-yet I posted my most recent … Continue reading

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Writing Songs With – Ernest Hemingway

Here’s a tip I adapted from Brian Clark of Copyblogger in Ernest Hemingway’s Top 5 Tips For Writing Well Don’t Be Negative! Since Hemingway wasn’t the cheeriest guy in the world, what does he mean by be positive? Basically, you should … Continue reading

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I Got Lost

Fell from grace, right through the cracks Emotionally raw rock song written on a two string guitar Download     Lyrics (pdf)     Behind The Song: Be Positive     Buy mp3 I lost my way I lost my path Lost my … Continue reading

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Day 37:Cuh-Ray-Zee

Things are getting magnadoodle sized odd.I’m writing like cuh-ray-zee. Good. But it means things are going out of the window. Like having time to objectively look at the songs I’m writing and see if they’re any good. I’ve had quite … Continue reading

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Day 34: Roundup

Surprised Who’d have thought that a song that took just 24 hours to write would be one of my fastest downloaded? If You’re Here This Morning may even hit 50 downloads before the end of the day, all off the … Continue reading

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