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A Jolly Little Tune…

Here’s a misanthropic anthem (‘Mis-anthem-ropic’?) called I Hate The World from some of my pupils at Fernwood Junior School. You can find it (and all my other songs written with crazy young critters) on the Pupils Songs page or there’s … Continue reading

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Tom Waits On … Kids, Religion And How To Play The Piano

Your kids are not your fans, they’re your kids. The trick is to have a career and have a family. It’s like having two dogs that hate each other and you have to take them for a walk every night. … Continue reading

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Everyday FAWMer

One of the reasons I love FAWM so much is hearing regular but talented people making great music that relates to their lives. Katie Dwyer wrote this lovely song as part of FAWM last year and it was cool to come … Continue reading

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Eleven Sweets

Eleven Sweets [2011] Children’s Humorous But the fizzy cherry, was stuck to a fizzy cherry A true tall tale from sunday school, sung by my daughter Downloads     mp3     Chords (pdf)     Lyrics (pdf) In the pink group … Continue reading

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Fat Flish

Here’s my first real post FAWM song and my first attempt at iMovieing. I often misread books at storytime for comic effect. “Reading it funny” is a big hit my two youngest kids Harpo & Zeppo. Fat Flish was an improvised song … Continue reading

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Oink If You Love Jesus

You want some truly horrific Kid’s worship? you got it! Listen to disgraced Pastor’s wife Tammy Faye Bakker impersonating a crocodile and a pig with it’s ears cut off – for the Lord. Thank you Popdose! Related Posts: Free Kid’s … Continue reading

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Behind The Song: The Greatest Commandment

Songs For Small People This song was written to tie in with the teaching curriculum for ‘Arrows’, the 4-10 yr olds kids ministry at my Church. In writing specifically for kids I was determined to avoid the standard ‘3 chord … Continue reading

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How To Have An Explosive Children’s Ministry

 “This is an M-80, which is 1/8 of a stick of dynamite.  Once some friends threw one into a room I was in and when it blew up it was so loud I couldn’t hear afterward for a few seconds. … Continue reading

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Download This! (If You Can Be Bothered)

Here’s a fun (and free) kid’s song for you from the new Sovereign Grace album Walking With The Wise. Ladies & gentlemen – let me introduce you to Mr Lazy Bones! Related Posts: The Greatest Commandment I would charge you … Continue reading

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The Greatest Commandment

The Greatest Commandment – mp3s, sheet music, pens, novelty hats… What if Carlos Santana was your Sunday School teacher? After posting the mp3 for my classic kids song “The Greatest Commandment” sometime in the late Jurassic period I’ve finally gotten … Continue reading

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