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10 Things I Loved In 2013

Releasing my first ever solo EP Let’s Build An Airport was the major milestone for me but here’s 10 other highlights of the year. The Rise of LFC The massive turnaround in all areas of Liverpool Football Club, but especially the … Continue reading

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Top 10 Albums of 2013*

1) The Wilderness – ks Rhoads There’s nothing lower case about ks’s (?) epic soundscapes. His debut album also contains some great tracks (Dark Hotel for one) but The Wilderness has been stuck on my mp3 player ALL YEAR LONG. … Continue reading

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A Band Is The Space Between Members

Everybody is familiar with the concept that something is more than just the sum of the parts (John+Paul+George+Ringo=The Beatles) but Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones has a unique twist on that I think the problem with most modern bands … Continue reading

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Ladies and Gentlemen – John Pointer!

Here’s the truly amazing John Pointer, Texas based multi-instrumentalist, producer, arranger, composer and actor. Watch him doing alone what it took 4 members of Led Zeppelin to do, armed only with a guitar, delay pedal, flight case and healthy set … Continue reading

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Multicultural Worship: From Cape Town To Brazil (Via Cambridge)

If you ever needed proof that the planet is becoming a global village here’s a song by Brenton Brown (a South African) written while he was part of a church in Cambridge UK, translated into Portuguese, performed by Brazilians, in … Continue reading

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Loud, Louder, Loudest

Rock music documentaries seems to be the cinematic soup du jour at the moment (ain’t I talkin’ fancy!) First up here’s one I really enjoyed Iron Maiden: Flight 666. I was impressed by the genuine camaraderie show by the band, … Continue reading

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John Piper vs Led Zeppelin

This song was already cool, but quoting John Piper over a drum sample from ‘When the levee breaks’? That’s too much cool. Lecrae & Tadashii with Red Letter performing ‘Send Me’ – Live at Mars Hill Church (Ballard) in Seattle.

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