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The Great Newfrontiers Song Link Giveaway

In the last couple of months I’ve drawn attention to some free songs by my fellow Newfrontiers songwriters Ben Green & Matt Giles, so I thought I’d try an experiment. If you’re part of a Newfrontiers church and have worship … Continue reading

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The Winner Is…

Updated 16-06-10 Time’s up in the Reach Records free giveaway.And the lucky winner is…drum roll please… That’s right ‘drum roll please’ has won, no just kidding… The winner is Jon Brown Jon gets his mitts on Lions And Liars by Sho … Continue reading

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What Is Christian Music?

Is there such a thing as Christian Music? What is it? Is it the sound that automatically results when a Christian musician picks up his (her) guitar (bagpipes/keytar) or is there an extra critical ingredient? I wanted to look at … Continue reading

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Wednesday News: A New Home For Grace Church

My home Church, Grace Church Nottingham, has been on something of a whirlwind journey recently. For the last few years we’ve been looking to lease a building as a more permanent alternative to rented rooms at the Notts County Football … Continue reading

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This Is Not The Post You’re Looking For…

How about this instead? Related Posts: We’re starting a bowel movementsomebody stop me

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Then Pete Said, "Let Us Make Carl In Our Own Image"

Pete Docter, creator of Pixar’s ‘Up’, is a Christian. Here he tells World Magazine how his faith informs his art It is a story’s ability to draw people into common experience that Docter, who is like his Pixar colleague Andrew … Continue reading

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Too Much Monkey Business – Practice Advice From Chimps

It’s not everyday a bunch of monkeys gives support to one of you ‘pet’ teaching theories but here it is. Anytime you’re trying to learn something new musically you’re only truly practicing when you’re doing it correctly. If you’re getting … Continue reading

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Facebook Alert

The NY Times has a piece, entitled The day Facebook changed, on the confusion surrounding Facebook’s new default settings. It would seem that, instead of being automatically set to private, all profiles are being (?) will be (?) set to public – … Continue reading

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Thank You

Al Metcalfe has a timely reminder about two powerful little words every leader should use after a meeting. One of the groups of people on his helpful checklist is… “people who brought significant contributions such as prophetic words, scriptures or … Continue reading

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Eglon Update

Soooo sorry to those who’ve been trying to download the mp3 of the infamous Eglon Song. The link is now fixed. – don’t forget to leave a comment! FREE downloads mp3 acoustic demo Chord sheet Lyric sheet

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