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Top 10 Reasons NOT to Write Songs For Your Church

1) Wanting to write songs is probably an expression of your pride and shameless self promotion. Pride can ruin all ministry. I used to struggle with it but actually gained complete mastery over pride and selfish ambition on Mar 23rd … Continue reading

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Newfrontiers Underground Is Up!

Underground up? Does that even make sense? The Newfrontiers songwriters page is now up. Click here if you missed what it’s all about. As my buddy Al Metcalfe predicted for every one person that signed up there are 100 that … Continue reading

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The Halala Football Anthem

Crazy link here. Some guys in the Newfrontiers church in Jo’Burg won the unofficial world cup anthem competition (really, can anybody explain to me what that even means?) and as football anthems go it’s very good. Hold on that’s damning … Continue reading

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Sing A New(frontiers) Song

Al Metcalfe has got my back! Just a few short hours ago he jumped into the ring and started wafting a virtual towel in my face called ‘Most worship teams are cover bands‘. The post is a clarion call for … Continue reading

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The Great Newfrontiers Song Link Giveaway

In the last couple of months I’ve drawn attention to some free songs by my fellow Newfrontiers songwriters Ben Green & Matt Giles, so I thought I’d try an experiment. If you’re part of a Newfrontiers church and have worship … Continue reading

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This Was Your Design

How great is Your love for us That while we still were sinners You freed us through Your Son. How great is Your grace to us That where we once were orphans, We now are sons of God. I want … Continue reading

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Tuesday News & Links

A bumper week for links n’ things! Sovereign Grace go crazy, Tim Keller gets wise & the best female vocalist on the planet is back (recording – not ‘back on the planet’). We’ve got a conference, a magazine,  a shopping list … Continue reading

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Free Newday Sheet Music

Brighton’s Worship School Blog are giving away sheet music for two songs from the upcoming Newday CD, My Soul Is Well (Jordon Dillon/Simon Brading) and The Third Day (Simon Brading/Matt Redman), here. Go get em! Related Posts: You Alone Can … Continue reading

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‘Charismatic Flavoured Worship’

Today marks another little baby step in my ‘career’ as a blogger – my first guest post! If you head over to Al Metcalfe‘s blog  you’ll find my piece entitled ‘Charismatic flavoured Worship’ where I put charismatic worship up against … Continue reading

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Cash or Art? Lead Like A Man

Joel Virgo has a challenging article in the latest Newfrontiers magazine, entitled “Where are the men?” He takes various elements of Church life (prayer, preaching, parenting, giving, humility to name a few) and looks at how we can slip into … Continue reading

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