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Interview: Mistakes & Magic – Fifty Five Stories Down with Matt Blick

Nicholas Tozier of the Lyric Writer’s Workroom interviewed me recently about my new album Fifty Five Stories Down (available here). What artists inspired you while you were writing and recording Fifty Five Stories Down? When I first pitched the idea … Continue reading

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Horribly DeFAWMed (Slight Return)

Here’s 4 songs plus interviews from Sea Monster Eyes – a great band (featuring 3 former pupils) who have grown into amazing prolific songwriters FAWM Report Yesterday I finished FAWM 2014. Well actually I finished this morning at 2:25. Given the level of illness, … Continue reading

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Diane Warren Video

It’s no  exaggeration to say Diane Warren is probably the most prolific and successful songwriter working today. She’s also something of an old school ‘non-performing’ writer and very forthright and candid. Check out this interview with bonus questions from my … Continue reading

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Finally In The Top 100! Count Me Out!

I’ve been working on my album for so long that I’ve built up a tidy little backlog of songs. So now the Let’s Build An Airport album is being edited and mixed and Shabby Road’s had a lick of paint and … Continue reading

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The Inspiring David Bazan

  David Bazan is someone whose music I’ve been immersing myself in this year after several people have said songs like I Got Lost and Israel’s Praise sound like they’ve been hit with the Bazan stick. I really enjoyed the … Continue reading

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Day 328: The Other Way Of Writing

So here’s the thing. I’m working on Silver aka Judas’ Song aka Better For Me and I’m still working off a page that I typed out in 2005, annotated with a million different scribbles from the last 6 years (sorry … Continue reading

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Day 226: My Exquisite Corpse

I’m still doing way too much multitasking. I’ve interrupted the rerecording and mixing of Let’s Build An Airport to contribute my portion of an exquisite corpse that we’ve got going on the 50/90 site. “What’s an exquisite corpse?” I hear … Continue reading

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Building A Fence

Nicholas Tozier flagged up a phrase I’d used in a recent post where I’d said I needed to build a fence around my songwriting during 50/90 to stop it taking over the rest of my life. He asked if I’d say … Continue reading

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GTD For Songwriters (pt 3)

I’m taking a bunch of posts to look at applying the ‘next action’ principal of GTD to songwriting. If you missed them, here’s the intro, part one and part two. Say No To Moleskines Not moleskin! Mol – eh – … Continue reading

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What I Learned About Songwriting From A Crazy Guy In Liverpool

When a crazy guy start ranting about war during a family holiday I never expected to learn a lesson about songwriting. But sometimes life hands you valuable insights in weird packages. Read all about what the guy taught me and … Continue reading

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