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When I Said “Stop Setting Things On Fire” I Really, REALLY Meant It.

Wait! Wait! What Key Are We In? Frank Zappa meets Scott Bradley Download     mp3 demo Written during FAWM 2016. I found a couple of musical fragments labelled ‘Etude No 3’ on a cassette I recorded in 1991. I … Continue reading

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Where Did The Time Go? (NSFW)

Days had strange elastic powers, minutes stretched to lazy hours Frantic (tick tock) hyperactive jazz workout Written with (and performed by) Liz Frencham Download     mp3 demo      Lyrics (pdf) Mr Time where did you go? How I … Continue reading

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Everything In The World Is Fighting Everything In The Sky

How can we love one another when God won’t make the angels behave? A three-legged horse dances a plaintive waltz in a bedraggled circus. Download     mp3 demo     Chords (pdf)     Lyrics (pdf) Woody Guthrie he … Continue reading

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Tear This Temple Down

All that you can see is all there is Protest atheism meets balkan rhythms Download     mp3 demo     Lyrics (pdf) Ball your tiny fingers up in fists Pray each night that God does not exist ‘Cos a … Continue reading

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Never Be Silent

You didn’t save me   You didn’t save me so that I could keep my mouth shut 12 voices, piano, cello and cymbala with just a smidgeon of programmed percussion. Influenced by Bulgarian choir music, Never Be Silent is probably my … Continue reading

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Everything Is Broken

If God were only strong, not kind, or God were only kind, but weak An odd-time hard folk, head-on collision with human suffering. Download     Lyrics (pdf)     Buy mp3     Behind The Song Shattered frame, photograph all torn His Daddy … Continue reading

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