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My Name Is Matt And I’m An Encouragement Junkie…

  I try to just create because I’m human and that’s what we do, and because I enjoy it and it brings me pleasure, and all of that is true. But sometimes I just want to know that someone else … Continue reading

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Behind The Song: The Morning After The Day You Saved The World

Download the FREE mp3 or chord sheet here. Schindler’s Song I saw Schindler’s List on Feb 16th 1997. That morning I had seen my first child born and my wife immediately wheeled into the operating theatre, so the fact that … Continue reading

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Best Of 2009: Books And Films

Books 1)The Case for Life: Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture(Scott Klusendorf) – This book makes a compelling pro-life argument and help us to cut through the many smoke screens and false trails to the one issue behind all others … Continue reading

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Pixar’s ‘UP’ – A Review Round Up

Pixar’s Up is undoubtedly the best film (of any type) you are likely to see this year. It’s so good I’m at a bit of a loss to know where to begin, so here’s a few quotes Not The Usual … Continue reading

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Then Pete Said, "Let Us Make Carl In Our Own Image"

Pete Docter, creator of Pixar’s ‘Up’, is a Christian. Here he tells World Magazine how his faith informs his art It is a story’s ability to draw people into common experience that Docter, who is like his Pixar colleague Andrew … Continue reading

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