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Paula Carragher’s Brave Decision

In 1977 Paula Carragher was given some heartbreaking news. After having already suffered two miscarriages she was told that the unborn child she was now carrying had Spina Bifida, a serious birth defect of the spinal cord. The doctors asked … Continue reading

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Behind The Song: One Three Nine

Like the other pro life songs I wrote last summer, One Three Nine was written and recorded in little over a week. I found with this song especially that having a time limit was freeing, forcing me make snap decision … Continue reading

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One Three Nine: New Song Preview

Sneak preview of my 4th & final pro-life song.Music: Edvard Grieg, melody & lyrics: Matt Blick.mp3 posted Friday 19 Mar 10 One Three Nine Almighty God, my makerYou formed the depths of meLike wolves they came, encirclingEager to tear me … Continue reading

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Behind The Song: Salt Water

Watch Part Two here Salt Water was my first attempt at a pro-life song written in the summer of 2009. I had seen a video on Youtube of prolife activist Gianna Jessen who is remarkable not only for her courage … Continue reading

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Salt Water – New Song Preview

Here’s the lyrics for the third  (& probably most controversial) of my pro-life songs. Download the free mp3 Salt Water All the light, All the light that I can see I can see through you. When you walk, When you … Continue reading

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Behind The Song: Your Difficult Decision

Read the lyricsDownload free mp3Download free chord sheet Your Difficult Decision was the last of the pro-life songs I wrote last year. Having set myself a goal of writing four during the school summer holidays I found myself having to … Continue reading

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Five Reasons For Writing Pro-Life Songs

If you’ve picked up a pro-life emphasis on this blog over the last few weeks you’re right. Last summer I set myself a goal of writing 4 pro-life songs from the point of view of the unborn. The songs ended … Continue reading

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Your Difficult Decision – Preview

Here’s the lyrics for the second of my neverborn songs. Download the free mp3 here. Your Difficult Decision When you look into his eyes you know he’s frightenedStill he’s trying hard to say what’s right‘Cos he knows deep down a … Continue reading

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Behind The Song: First Black President

Download the free mp3 Download the free CHORD sheet This song had it’s roots in a pro-life song called ‘Neverborn’ which I tried to write but ended up scrapping maybe 4 or 5 years ago. All that remained was the … Continue reading

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Best Of 2009: Books And Films

Books 1)The Case for Life: Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture(Scott Klusendorf) – This book makes a compelling pro-life argument and help us to cut through the many smoke screens and false trails to the one issue behind all others … Continue reading

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