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Writing Songs With – Charles Dickens: What Would Dickens Say?

With downloading we listen to everything in bits. Could you imagine what Charles Dickens would say if you said, ‘Could I just have one chapter?’ You’re creating a short story culture. What happened to narrative? Tori Amos: Mojo Magazine May … Continue reading

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New Song: John Lennon Blues

Pray for a man to put the ‘fist’ in ‘pacifist’ The good die young. Or they just die. Download     mp3 demo I’ve never really written a 12 bar blues I was happy with but John Lennon Blues is … Continue reading

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Why I Failed At FAWM

This year I only managed to write eight songs instead of fourteen. While the the usual suspects, hubris and illness, played a part, there were other aspects that tripped me up and I think they’re worth noting so I don’t … Continue reading

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Matt Blick: Creative Insights Interview

Creative Insights Matt Blick interviewed by Henrique Fogli (originally published on creativegibberish.org) Being a beatlemaniac, an aficionado about the creative process and a music student for about 3 years now made me come across a wonderful jewel on the internet, Beatles Songwriting … Continue reading

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Three Chords And The Truth: The Importance Of ‘Fact Checking’ Your Songs

Many years ago, I heard that legendary guitarist Ry Cooder was going to be doing a live taping at BBCs White City studios. As my sister lives nearby I felt we had a shot of getting a tape right into … Continue reading

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Behind The Song: Djimi Traore

Listen to Djimi Traore here I Dreamed A Dream Paul McCartney wrote Yesterday in a dream. Coleridge wrote Kubla Khan in a dream. I wouldn’t put myself in either of them but Djimi Traore came to me in a dream … Continue reading

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Djimi Traore

He raised a half-full glass, a ghost of football past A football hymn mp3 demo     Chords (pdf)     Lyrics (pdf)     Behind The Song     Lyric Video No one ever sang before the Beatles Since the Beatles came … Continue reading

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I Am Studio Face!

Did two cool musical things today (apart from teaching and buying Billy Joel CD’s from Fopp!). First – I launched a facebook forum for Beatles Songwriting Academy. If you’d like to help me with questions, advice, links or opinions as … Continue reading

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Signing The Great To Attract The Successful

Derek Sivers has an interesting insight into Elektra records founder Jac Holzman. After recounting a story where Jac was able to get permission from the Beatles to license something because he signed an artist they respected… “[He] told me that it … Continue reading

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10 Things I Loved In 2013

Releasing my first ever solo EP Let’s Build An Airport was the major milestone for me but here’s 10 other highlights of the year. The Rise of LFC The massive turnaround in all areas of Liverpool Football Club, but especially the … Continue reading

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